The week in review

This has been a pretty sweet week, thanks to all our viewers out there!

-We had our biggest day ever, March 11 with 114 views.  Already this month we’re almost over 600 views, which is slightly amazing, especially considering we’ve barely been up 30 days in total.  I’m psyched.

-We got some kudos from a pro-retouching site

-We were also added to the Around the World daily photoblog guide.  They find photoblogs that represent different world cities, and we were added to represent SF.   The comment

-Will won second prize in a citywide photography contest for high school students, with a $250 cash prize for this shot.

-Jeremy also just picked up a UV filter, a lens hood, and a remote shutter release from Calumet photographic, which is pretty sweet photo store.  The first two will just add to picture quality in general, but the last one has definitely got him wanting to fish his tripod out of the closet and go take some night shots/ self-portraits.

-We fleshed out our about pages, adding sub pages for equipment and workflow, we added an archive of all our shots, and updated our blogroll.  Expect lots more in the weeks to come, and thanks!

-Coming up in a few weeks, Will is going to Mexico for Spring break, so hopefully some interesting shots from there.



~ by Jeremy on March 15, 2009.

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