Shot with film, a good practice once in while, even for the

most avid digital photographers.


~ by Will on March 16, 2009.

6 Responses to “Maple”

  1. A practice in waiting, I imagine.


  2. I love maple trees. We have a lot of oak trees out here.

  3. I wish I had the time, the will and the money to deal with film 🙂
    I love the gradient pallet of greens and yellow here. The use of backlight here is a delight

    • It’s definitely something to try. Both will and I have shot film a little, and it’ very cool and you feel sort of more connected to your camera in a way. Still, you couldn’t pay me to deal with all the hassles and expenses.

      On another note, I’ve read (followed? viewed?) your photoblog for a while now, and I’ve loved it. Very cool to get comments from you.

  4. [ my 1st time here. came across this blog from other link ]. anyways, nice pix + nice color mode.. i like 😀

  5. Bonsoir,
    Nicely composed..Beautiful DOF..Bravo!

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