We’re Still Alive!

Hey, loyal readers (I hope there’s some of you left…) and new ones alike, I’d just like to announce that we’re still alive as a site and fully committed to it.  The final rush that was finals week just left me kind of drained artistically and not really feeling the urge to do anything photographically.  Thankfully that’s finally past, and you should expect to see a bunch of new pictures out.  I’m also hoping to start doing more portraits, including maybe some for my friend’s band (not Will’s band, which is different and was shot by me here).  But regardless I’m back and excited, and I’m going to carry the blog until Will gets back in a month, at which point you’ll be inundated with pictures of Yosemite.  Anyway, enjoy.

-Jeremy, ALN

Favorite Flickr-er of the day:

I followed one of my favorite photo site’s guide to ending photographer’s block, and started digging through flickr.  There’s some really amazing stuff out there, and I plan to attach a new photographer I’ve discovered, on flickr or their own site, at the end of every (most) posts from now on.

The first is Zeb Andrews, for his amazing use of fluid, organic shapes and his pinhole photography (something I don’t usually like, but these are something else)

His most popular and his pinholes


~ by Jeremy on June 24, 2009.

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  1. Wow.

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