The Queen of Hearts

I took this picture while shooting publicity photos for my friend’s theater company, which was putting on its inaugural production, Alice in Wonderland.  I was also a theater tech and ended up shooting a bunch of photos, which are on my flickr (sidebar on your right), but this was the best and actually was used in the San Francisco Chronicle’s events section when their photographer couldn’t make it to the rehearsal to shoot.  So I got to have a photo run in the paper, half page with photo credit (smaller in the online version of the article).  Hopefully the first of many!

As for the theater company, it’s a student-managed, student-run theater company that brings free, non-traditional “Moveable Theater” to the West Coast for the first time , which is theater where the actors and audience move throughout the outdoor location serving as the stage, in this case the music concourse of Golden Gate Park.  It was a smashing success, getting more than 500 people and enough donations to cover costs, and a ton of fun.


~ by Jeremy on June 24, 2009.

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