Hi, this is part where we talk about our gear for all you techies.

I, Will, started with a old olympus fully manuel, 35mm camera.  You can probably tell these shots from the film grain.  Anyway, i was scanning the images, either at school, or professionally at a photolab.  For the film camera, I had a 28mm and a 50mm.  Today most of my shots are taken with a Canon Xsi, with a 28-135mm lens.

Jeremy enjoys both photography and speaking about himself in the third person.  He started out in  Out of Site, an afterschool arts program.  They gave him a janky old pentax that awakened his love for photography, and after a while with that he’s moved onto a canon rebel xsi, (Will copied him) .  He shot with the kit lens for a while, and recently upgraded to the 28-105 usm (non-IS, unfortunately).  He’s also interested in picking up an old film camera for fun and to do some darkroom
So he has:

-Canon Rebel XSi
-28-105 usm
-Sunpak Tripod
-Some random UV filters and sandisk memory cards and all that stuff

Oh, yeah, Will really has no idea what kind of tripod he almost never uses.


4 Responses to “Equipment”

  1. That’s cool, where do you guys develop you’re film? I worked at a dark room last summer and learned a little about photography and received a janky minolta (which unfortunately I am long overdue to return). Your shots look good.


    • Do you have any of your work online? if you’re still into photo you should get a flickr or something.
      I was lucky enough to get to use a pro darkroom at rayko, south of market. It was a ridiculous amount of work but was totally amazing too, eh?

  2. thanks, and the few shots in film, i don’t have the pleasure of developing myself.

  3. Rayko, pretty snazzy, that was pretty close to where I worked. I only developed three rolls of film, all terrible since I didn’t have a light meter and the film was hella old.

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